Catalyst Projects Call 1

Twelve projects were funded under our first call for Catalyst Grants, implemented during 2016–2017. Read more about each project below:

Sensor technology for rapidly assessing water quality risks for vulnerable users (TRIGR)


Co-occurrence of heavy metal and antibiotic resistance in microorganisms due to arsenic contamination in water insecure areas of Bangladesh


Enhancing the Delta Dynamic Integrated Emulator Model


Arsenic Precision Innovative Rapid Easy-to-use Test (AsPIRE Test)


Livelihoods from Enhanced water Access for the Poor in Slums (LEAPS)


Understanding women’s water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) vulnerability

Burkina Faso

Water security risk science: local monitoring for participatory resource management (AMGRAF-WSRS)


Pastoralist women and water: understanding how women’s disempowerment contributes to water security risks


Target Towns Research Action Programme (RAPTT)


Expanding supply and local demand of safe water at water kiosks in Goma, DRC through improved monitoring of information (SHIELD)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Establishing a water quality monitoring network in mid-western Nepal


Water law reform to improve water security for vulnerable people in Africa (SELARE)

Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa

Rosanna Bartlett, REACH Partnership Funding Manager

‘We’re excited about the potential of these Catalyst Projects to contribute to novel science and deliver significant water security improvements for poor people in Africa and South Asia.’

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